Baby Emma

This is love. This little family was so awesome. Baby Emma was a dream; such a sweet, happy little girl who just went with the flow all afternoon without even a peep. It was so enjoyable to be able to watch this little family in action. .  Two awesome people and one amazing little babe named Emma. 

Thanks again for letting me capture these first moments for you. 


Sweet Little Levi

It is such an amazing feeling to be able to watch two close friends adventure down the path of parenthood. After recently having gone through the adventure myself - all those feelings of being a new parent came rushing back. The uncertainty, the excitement, the fears, the heart warming moments when you look at this beautiful little human you have created and on earth am I the parent of this perfect little person. I could see all of these emotions in Aaron and Laura. They are doing such a wonderful job - nailing parenthood. I hope these moments captured here help bring back all the wonderful moments as they reflect back on their first month as parents to Little Levi. (Lens new BFF) 


whimsical winter wedding

Well you don't get much luckier than this gal, two amazing friends who would brave the cold to help a sister out. Seriously though, could this bride be any more stunning. Loving the whimsical nature of this winter wedding - there is something so warm about this shoot even with -20 weather.